ESNCH Training Course

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ESNCH Training Course

3rd International Training Course of the ESNCH

Portorož, Slovenia, September 12-14, 2013

Deadline for application has been extended. New deadline is September 5, 2013


The project of an International Certification for Neurosonology was launched by the officers and the executive committee of the NSRG during the 2005 meeting in Osaka Japan. Later the European Society of Neurosonology and Cerebral Hemodynamics, ESNCH, joined this initiative.
The aim is to improve the quality worldwide. The certificate should indicate a high level of theoretical knowledge of the candidate and sufficient practical skill to be able to teach Neurosonology. In countries with established quality control and elaborated regulations outstanding personal qualification can be used to support accreditation on a national level.


St. Bernardin Convention Centre at the Grand Hotel Bernardin, Portorož, Slovenia (brochure)

Today Portorož is a popular place either for work or vacation and entertainment. Many comfortable hotels are witness to that, with their modern pools, varied culinary proposal of restaurants, and the events ettracting visitors from afar. Portorož is also a popular congress location. A visit to the nearby countryside, can colour your day. The coastal towns of Piran, Izola and Koper are intertwined with narrow streets, leading to picturesque squares, encircled with mighty palaces. From the villages in hinterland, magnificent views of Istria open up, during spells of nice weather even Alps can be admired. Close by Karst offers different possibilities: visit to subterranean caves or to stud farm Lipica, home of famous Lipizzaner horses, the horses of the former Austrian Imperial Court.

The complex St. Bernardin consists of three hotels, the prestigious Grand Hotel Bernardin 5*, Histrion Hotel 4* and Hotel Vile Park 3*, and offers a variety of options to spend a carefree holiday with countless sports activities. In addition to the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, there are 6 tennis courts (of which are 4 red clay), a water sports center, PADI diving school, a basketball court and a beach volleyball court. The St. Bernardin hotel complex has also many restaurants and bars which offer a wide range of food and drinks, as well as excellent wellness centers, the Paradise Spa at the Grand Hotel Bernardin and the Histrion at Hotel Histrion.


Stroke Society of the Slovenian Medical Association
President: Prof. Bojana Žvan, MD, PhD, FESO
Zaloška cesta 2, 1525 Ljubljana, Slovenia
T +386 1 522 37 38
F +386 1 522 22 08

Society for the Prevention of Cerebral and Vascular Diseases

President: Mr. Niko Šafarič
Mala ulica 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
T +386 590 1 1234
F +386 1 430 23 14


N. Bornstein, C. Baracchini, M. Sturzenegger, D. Russell, E. B. Ringelstein, K. Niederkorn, L. Csiba, G. Baltgaile, C. Molina, M. Siebler, E. Vicenzini, E. Azevedo, E. Bartels, J. Klingelhöfer


President: B. Zvan, Members: C. Baracchini, E. Bartels, V. Demarin, M. Menih, K. Niederkorn, J. Pretnar-Oblak, M. Zaletel, G. Jurgele, A. Mercun, N. Safaric


C. Baracchini, E. Bartels, V. Beznik, V. Demarin, S. Horner, A. Huzjan, B. Malojcic, M. Menih, M. Mijajlovic, K. Niederkorn, J. Pretnar-Oblak, G. M. von Reutern, A. Resman-Gaspersic, M. Sostaric-Podlesnik, E. Tetickovic, M. Zaletel, B. Zvan


Participants will have the opportunity (optional) to take the ESNCH/NSRG certification exam
Registration fee: 500,00 €
Deadline for application has been extended. New deadline is September 5, 2013

Please do not hasitate to contact the Society for the Prevention of Cerebral and Vascular Diseases regarding payments, issuing of invoices or if you require any further information.


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